Best Coworking Spaces in Newport Beach & Irvine

Need a great place to cowork while you’re in Irvine or Newport Beach? Here is my inside guide to the best coworking spaces for Remote Work in Newport Beach, CA.

If you’ve ever worked remotely or from a coffee shop you know it takes some time to find the best coworking spots in a city. Some coffee shops have amazing coffee, but their wifi is sooo slow. Other spots have great internet but are always packed and you have to fight for a table or an electrical outlet.

So I decided to write a blog post about the best coworking locations in my city, Newport Beach / Irvine.

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The Lost Art of Post Cards

Whenever I’m on a trip, one of my favorite things to do is sit in a café and write a post card to some of my favorite people back home. 

Post cards are such a lost art. 

While sometimes they take weeks (or in Spain’s case, 5 months and counting) to arrive, to me they’re like sharing a piece of my trip with people I adore. 

What about you? Do you have any favorite traditions you do when on a trip?

How to get hired nowadays


The hiring industry has completely changed to the point where mass submitting your resume really doesn’t do much good. Maybe you’ll get lucky and get some call backs for interviews. Even if you do get an interview, is it at a company you’re passionate about working for? How do you get the attention of those companies you’d love to work for?

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Disney night

    So after work today I joined some friends at Disney. To ride some of the new Star Wars rides… Ya know before all of the Holiday Season rush and it’s impossible to get on any rides without wasting your life away standing in lines. 


Shake Shack vs. In n Out

Whenever I go to New York… I always somehow get into the invitable, Shake Shack vs. In n Out conversation with a New Yorker.

Being born in raised in Southern California… it’s hard to imagine that anything else can compare to In n out.

While I don’t think Shack Shake’s burgers are “better” than In n outs, I will say they come pretty darn close… but yeah, as much as I love In n out fries… Shack Shake’s fries do win.

There I said it. I’m going to go cry myself to sleep now.


5,000 miles

So back in June I got a new car. 

She’s a 2015 Prius and is my favorite color… blue. 

Today she hit 5,000 miles. Our first major milestone together! 

I really was worried I would regret the purchase a few months later and would wish I would’ve gotten another kind of car. Since I’m indecisive like that. 

But I don’t have a single regret. I love everything about her especially her fuel efficiency and the sun roof! 😍 I’m a bit spoiled now and everytime I drive another car (like when I was in NYC) I cringe a bit. I mean once you’re used to 40MPG it’s hard to go back! 
Here is it 5,000 more miles! 

Trying to stay positive

I’m going to do something I normally don’t do. Normally when things aren’t going well… I stop posting on social media and don’t talk about it online. It’s generally not something I talk about on social media because I really don’t want the sympathy for it and the people close to me know what’s going on. But I’m having a really rough week. There is a lot of family stuff going on that I’m trying to wrap my head around. It’s been tough.

Don’t worry though, I’m okay. I’m hanging in there… I’ve found that when I go through these periods in my life… where there is a death in the family or when there is just bad/sad news, I just try to focus on the positive in my life. It helps me cope and helps me remain thankful.

While in New York I found this book called The 5 minute Journal and I bought it as a gift for myself.

Basically the point of the journal is that every day you write about the positive things in your life. IMG_0613

I have many things to be thankful for and I really just want a daily reminder of that.

Anyways… today when I opened the book to start writing, I just so happened to open it on this page… and this quote was exactly what I needed for today.