Best Coworking Spaces in Newport Beach

The best coworking spaces for Remote Work in Newport Beach, CA

If you’ve ever worked remotely or from a coffee shop you know it takes some time to find the best coworking spots in a city. Some coffee shops have amazing coffee, but their wifi is sooo slow. Other spots have great internet but are always packed and you have to fight for a table or an electrical outlet.

So I decided to write a blog post about the best coworking locations in my city, Newport Beach / Irvine.

Best coworking spots in Newport Beach, CA:

WeWork Spectrum in Irvine is the best coworking spot in the Orange County area, hands down.

Blazing fast internet and a perfect location right across the street from Spectrum. Which is this outdoor mall that has all of the best places to eat from. If you plan on having a Business meeting, they have tons of conference rooms! If you have a call, they have “phone booths”.  I’m not even going to factor in the beer on tap and snacks on hand.

Only downside is the pricing. They start at $45/month which includes 2 days of coworking and parking is pretty expensive. They have a parking structure, where you can pay hourly, but it’s not cheap. BUT! If you were to park across the street in the Spectrum center, maybe grab a Starbucks and then walk across the street to the Wework building, Spectrum parking would be free.

If you plan on coworking in the Southern California area and moving around a bit, I’d say a membership is totally worth it. They have a ton of locations! While Wework Spectrum is currently their only coworking location in Orange County, they have a ton of great locations in Los Angeles. I’ve worked from Wework Gas tower, which is right in downtown LA although parking is a pain, the location is top notch! Wework Hollywood is literally right on the Walk of Fame! Finally, Wework Santa Monica is on my bucket list since it’s close enough to walk to the famous Santa Monica pier.

I’ve worked from Crashlabs in Costa Mesa, which isn’t too far away. There wasn’t a ton of parking, but you could find some parking in the residential neighborhood not too far away. Wifi was strong, but I found the seats to be pretty uncomfortable and it just really hard for me to focus here. Pricing was $375 /month. And for that price-range, I preferred Wework.

Wayfare in Costa Mesa, is a really gorgeous space. But for me, the wifi was lacking. It was just crawling. I ended up leaving early and never came back, since I wasn’t getting the bandwidth I needed. I will say that out of all of the coworking spots in the area- Wayfare has the most flexible plans for any price point.

I’ve also heard great things about TheVine which is right by the UCI Campus and starts at $200/month. I personally haven’t had the chance to try it out though! 🙂

Coffee Shops to Cowork from in Newport Beach:

There are tons of Starbucks and Coffee Beans in the area and they seem to have the best wifi, but are usually pretty crowded.

The Starbucks in Newport Coast is my favorite, it’s rarely crowded. Has a great outdoor seating area and is right across the street from the beach!

Hidden Coworking Gem:

The Pelican Hill Resort is this gorgeous resort hotel on the coast of Newport Beach. In the lobby, there is a little café, which also has gelato. It overlooks the ocean. By far the fastest wifi around, I was getting speeds of 200mbps. Although, I wouldn’t spend all day working here. It’s great for a quick meeting and coworking for a few hours while enjoying the gelato and gorgeous views.

Newport Beach Coworking Orange County

How to get around Newport Beach:

What to expect transportation-wise from the area. While there is public transportation, it’s not great. Takes quite awhile and isn’t the best connected. Having a car is pretty much the way everyone gets around here.

Do you work remotely or know of the best coworking spots from your city? 
Then join the trend and write about it, using the tag #coworkmycity! 😉

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