You can have an impact

This weekend I’m at WordCamp US.

While I’ve spent most of my time volunteering, I got to sit in on this one session by Andrea Rennick called WordPress: Changing Lives.

“You may feel like you’re typing into a void. But what you’re doing has an impact.” -Andrea Rennick

She brought out this really cool point, that in the WordPress community, each person has a place and a spot to be.

Her talk really resonated with me. There have been many many times where I feel like I’m typing into the void. That I have no impact.

It takes me back  to when I was starting out trying to build my personal brand and learning WordPress. Trying to draft tweets and thinking “Why would anyone care what I think about this?”

I still have that moment a lot, although despite it I continue to hit publish and post my thoughts anyway.

Am I having an impact? I have no idea.

I like to imagine that I am. Mostly because I genuinely believe that anyone can do what I’m doing right now. That just like me, others go through the “I’m not smart enough.”or the the “I don’t know WordPress that well” or even the “I don’t know how I can contribute.” I used to and sometimes still do struggle with those thoughts. But I’m here.

I also look up to and learn from so many other women in the community who probably have no idea the impact they’re bringing just by hitting “publish” as well. They write amazing blog posts, speak at WordCamps, write tweets, etc. and those little actions have such a huge ripple affect. So thank you to all of the amazing people in the community who continue to share what they’ve learned.