On the fence about applying to Automattic? Watch these videos!

This past year, I was super excited to lend a hand to a project at Automattic, that was outside my normal day-to-day job scope.

I got to help with some of the video edits for interviews of some Automatticians (my awesome coworkers). These interviews were about them, what they do at Automattic and how they got here. It really highlights all of the different backgrounds that Automatticians come from.

I think this project is so important because I know when I was on the fence about applying to Automattic, hearing the stories of people who were working at Automattic helped me see that I could do this too.

If you’re thinking of applying to Automattic and aren’t sure if this is the place for you, I highly recommend watching the 13 videos (they’re in a playlist). Or you can watch them on Youtube here.