wapuu: origins

unofficial wapuu fan club

As you know I’m wapuu’s biggest fan and I’ve been pestering Naoko for a while to learn more about how wapuu came to be. Now I know the story and I’m so excited to share it with you.

The People

  • Kazuko Kaneuchi: Designer/Illustrator @mutsuking
  • Naoko Takano: Japanese community manager/translator @naokomc
  • Seisuke Kuraishi: aka “tenpura” WP Multibyte Patch developer @eastcoder
  • Takayuki Miyoshi: Contact Form 7 Plugin developer @takayukister
  • Taisuke Jotaki: aka “Tai” Japanese translator @tekapo
  • Odyssey: @odyssey

foxkeh foxkeh

In 2009 at the WordCamp Tokyo after-party, Matt asked Japanese users what should we do to promote WordPress in Japan. One of the ideas was to create a mascot.

Foxkeh was already a popular local mascot for Firefox, so many community members thought WordPress should have a mascot for Japan as well. Matt said he thought it was a cool idea although many of the ja.wordpress.org admins thought he was kinda joking.

A few…

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