8 Pinterest Do’s and Don’ts

Pinterest do’s and don’ts- these unwritten rules shouldn’t surprise you since every social media platform has them….

By following these written & unwritten rules you’ll make your Pinterest presence more professional. This will help you get off the ground and learn how the pros do it!

Here are some distinct Pinterest do’s and don’ts to be aware of before you sign up for an account:

#1 Pinning content

Do: “Repin” other people’s content

Don’t: “Repin” content & edit the source link to your website.

The Reason Why:

“Repin” all you want! But, editing the source link is considered a Social Media Etiquette no-no. If you did not create the content/image, do not imply that it is yours. If you’re not the person who created it, don’t take credit for it.


 #2 Being Descriptive

Do: Fill out the description for each Pin you have and include a keywords & hashtags

Don’t: Leave descriptions blank or add your website url

The Reason Why:

This impacts how “searchable” your pin is. If you have a description with a few hashtags- it will easily be found. But leaving the description blank or adding your website url can reflect badly on your brand.


Pinterest do's and don'ts


Do: Comment on other’s Pins

Don’t: Post spammy comments and link to your website in comments.

The Reason Why:

The focus should always be on building relationships vs. being a telemarketer and just telling other people about your services. You’ll find you’re much more effective when you’re genuine.


 #4 Pinning frequency

Do: Pin Regularly throughout the week with a minimum of 5pins a day

Don’t: Pin once in a great while, but when you do pin- pinning an avalanche of content.

The Reason Why:

Slow and steady wins the race.  Also you don’t want to overwhelm your followers feeds. You’ll annoy others and end up with less followers.

Pro Tip: Pin at different times throughout the day 9am, noon, 3pm, 6pm, and 9pm for starters and notice the days & times you get the best engagement from your fans- then start to regularly pin at those times.


#5 Sharing your own content

Do: Share your own content

Don’t: ONLY share your own content.

The Reason Why:

No one likes the “Me show” except for, well… you. Share your content, but in moderation.   I follow the 80/20 rule 80% of content I pin is others, 20% is mine.


Empty Pinterest Boards#6 Boards

Do: Create new Boards

Don’t: Create a board unless you can at least Pin 5 items to it

The Reason Why:

If you can’t initially find 5 pins for your new board, you probably won’t use it anyways. And empty Ghost-town boards do not attract followers.


#7 Inspired or Stealing?

Do: Be Inspired by Content you find

Don’t: Steal Content you find

The Reason Why:

It’s the right thing to do to give credit where credit is due. If you can’t create original content on the subject matter- contact the person who created the content and see if they’ll let you post some of it on your blog, with proper credit of course!


#8 Target Market

Do: Pin things that your Target Market would be interested it

Don’t: confuse your followers & Target Market by pinning random things

The Reason Why:

All decisions should start and end with your target market. If they wouldn’t find the pin useful or inspiring, don’t pin it! Be their gatekeeper and they will love you for it!


Pinterest is such a fun social network. Once you get started- it’s hard to stop. By following these Pinterest Dos and Donts you’ll find that the time you spend on Pinterest will be more successful.

Have you successfully integrated Pinterest into your Social Media Marketing Strategy? Leave me a comment and tell me about it!


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