How to Get Started on Skype for a Business Meeting

Have you ever been asked to have a Business Meeting online with Skype?

I’ve made a simple tutorial guide to get started on Skype for a Business Meeting and you’ll even learn how to share your screen on Skype which is perfect if you need to give a Powerpoint presentation virtually or even do some training online- where you need someone to see your screen and you need to see theirs.

What you’ll Learn in this Skype Tutorial:

In the following video I’m going to show you what is skype, if you need to pay for skype, how to install skype, what usernames not to pick , how to login to skype, add a contact into skype, how to call someone with skype, and how to share your screen with someone on skype.

how to edit skype profile

9 Tips to Make you look like a Skype Business Professional:


-Choose a username that would be friendly for you and your brand. Don’t choose a random word or add a bunch of numbers to your username. Try to get something as close to your name or your company name as possible.

-Add an image to your Skype Profile and if possible fill out your profile.

-If you plan to use your web camera on this Skype call, take a look at the room you’re in and be sure everything is tidy and professional. If you wouldn’t have an in person business meeting in this room, find a better spot or clean up. Also avoid noisy places like coffee shops.

– If you’re in a room with a window either make sure you’re facing the window or the blinds are closed. It can be really hard to see someone on Video when the sun is behind them.

why is skype on all the time

-Use a headset if possible. Personally, I prefer my iPhone’s headset which has a speaker that I can speak into. This will minimize outside noises, such as you typing.

-If you’re plan to get on a Business Skype call at home- be sure to announce to family members you’re going to be on a video conference call and to not disturb you. I also find that writing  “In a Business Meeting” on a piece of paper and taping it to the door is a good reminder in case family members forget.

-If you don’t want Skype on all the time (and many prefer not to have it on all the time) once you’re logged onto Skype, in the top toolbar click on Tools > Options and under General Settings make sure the checkbox for the setting “Start Skype when I start Windows” is unchecked. This means Skype will only start when you actually choose to open up Skype.

why is skype click to call everywhere-I also prefer not to Skype links on website pages. It looks a little something like on the right. So how do you stop Skype from changing every phone number that you see online to a Skype Button? This feature is called “Skype Click to Call” and you can change this by logging onto Skype, in the top toolbar click on Tools > Options> Advanced and in the Advanced Settings make sure the checkbox for the setting “Use Skype to call callto: Links on the web” is unchecked.

– Switch your phone to silent or vibrate.

Now go get Skyping! 🙂