WordPress User Errors that make you look silly!

WordPress has become the indispensable content publishing platform for MILLIONS of businesses across the web. Chances are, it’s powering your website!

If you’re already using WordPress then there is a good chance that you’re running into errors that make you look a little silly. Thankfully those errors are pretty easy to fix.

Check out the infographic below made by Copyblogger 




The top 4 Newbie Mistakes are:

1. Slow Load times

It’s happened to us all. We’re in the middle of surfing the web, we click on a website…. and then nothing. Ugh. You refresh. You start to see it sloooowly loading, but by then… you’re gone and onto the next website. If it doesn’t load fast- then it might as well not exisit. Don’t let this happen to your website.


2. The White Screen of Death

Sounds scary huh? Well, it is… because you actually die when you see it. Okay, well maybe not actually- but the heart attack gets you pretty close. Learn below how to fix this- with just a simply as adding a space. Remember, it could save your life 😉


3. Database Errors

Nothing is more humiliating then going through all the trouble of getting eyes onto your website via SEO & Social Media and then when they’re finally there- your website crashes.


4. Just Another WordPress Website tagline

We’ve all seen the tagline before. It’s a default setting when you first install WordPress. But this is a serious newbie mistake. This is prime real estate here and you’re wasting it. Just go into your settings and change it- and while you’re at it make sure it includes a few keywords too, you’ll get some major search engine love for it.


Which WordPress error are you guilty of? Leave a comment below!

Authored by: Tish Briseno