What is domain & hosting? Why do I need it?

What is domain & hosting? Why do I need it? How does it work?

In my new series on my blog, I’m going to break down some of that lingo, explain it in simple terms, talk about what you can do to save costs, and some cost effective ways to create a website.

What is Hosting?

Building a website is a lot like building a house. You need the property to do it first…. that’s what website designers call “Hosting”. “Hosting” is basically the space on the server, where you can host your website. Think of it like a piece of land. Now the amount of hosting you need, depends on what type of website you plan on building. So it’s best to consult with your website designer on what you’ll be needing. Unless you plan on building a social network or the next Google.com, you won’t need too much space and you can usually upgrade in the future.

What is a domain?

Just like every house has an address- every website needs a domain or url. Basically it’s your website’s address. For example, http://www.tishbriseno.com is my domain. You can purchase several domains if needed. It’s like having your mail forwarded to a P.O. Box.

Where can I buy a domain & hosting?

Just like when you buy a house, there are a lot of different real estate agents you can use, the same goes for Hosting & Domain companies.  I usually use HostMonster because they have great support, but you can also use GoDaddy, or wpengine.com.

The prices vary depending on:

  • type/amount of hosting you’ll need
  • domains you choose (contractor.com will be more expensive then californiacontractor.net)
  • the time period you buy them for

Remember to consult with your web designer before you purchase your hosting on your own. Also, if you only buy your hosting & domain for a short period- be sure to renew them BEFORE they expire. If you let your domain expire, there is a good chance you could lose it forever. Especially if it’s a .com domain. You get first dibs on it, as long as you don’t let it expire. So be sure to put alerts on the phone & on all your calenders. Renew them BEFORE they expire!

Also, when purchasing your domain & hosting- make sure it’s purchased on an account that you have access to. If you end up having a falling out with your web designer, you want to make sure you’re in control of your domain & hosting. Would you hand your real estate agent a check to buy a house in their name? I know I wouldn’t. It doesn’t matter if your web designer is a stand up guy/gal and you plan on using them forever. This is your investment and your company, make sure it is being bought under your name.  If you choose to have your website designer pay for the  domain & hosting, have them create a separate account with whichever Hosting Company they use, with your email address & contact information. Then at another time, you can update the credit card information to your own, when you choose to renew your domain & hosting.

Questions to ask your website designer:

  • How much hosting space will I need?
  • What do you recommend for my company in purchasing a domain?
  • Will my domain help or hinder my SEO (Search Engine Optimization- basically how the search engines find & list you)?
  • Which hosting company do you use?
  • How much do they charge for hosting & domains?
  • When will I need to renew my hosting & domain?
  • Will you be purchasing my hosting & domain on an account that I will have access to?

Authored by: Tish Briseno