A Remote Company Retreat with Buffer

I wrote the following post last year when I was tagging along on Buffer’s Remote Retreat in Madrid, Spain with my sister. It was an amazing experience getting to see another remote company so up close. Enjoy!

It is completely insane to me, that I’m writing this while sitting in Madrid, Spain tagging along on Buffer’s company retreat for a week because my sister now works at this amazing remote company. Buffer is a company that I have always had so much respect for. If you haven’t heard of them yet, they’re a social media scheduling platform and I’ve used them for years to schedule my Twitter & Facebook posts. What really sets them apart though is their values and the way they approach their product.

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Automattic’s 2017 Grand Meetup in Whistler

Automattic had their 2017 Grand Meetup in Whistler back in September (if you’re not sure what a Grand Meetup is Read this). This will be my third GM (it’s crazy to me how time flies), and Automattic’s biggest one yet as we’re now at over 600 employees.

I feel like this year’s Grand Meetup was just perfectly timed. We’re actively hiring so there were are a lot of new faces and 3 new team members added to our team. Which made it great to meet everyone in person, and spend some time bonding as a team.

I’ve written about my amazing team Sparta here, but we work on WordPress.com support together. You’ll find us all in live chat, answering emails, and in general just crushing it. Our team is made up of members from the western half of North America, so we’re generally all in the same timezone. I was just SO excited to see all of them.

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So You Want to be a Happiness Engineer, Huh?

My amazing coworker Sandy wrote this post on the type of skills needed for a Happiness Engineer position. I couldn’t agree more and I highly recommend giving it a read if you’re interested in applying! (Did I mention we’re actively hiring? So if this sounds like you, APPLY!)

Sandy McFadden

Since joining Automattic (and to the annoyance of some people, I’m sure) I tend to go on about how much I enjoy my job and the company itself. I’ve often been asked what it takes and what you need to know to get the job. Especially since I called people to join me in my last post, I thought I would put together my thoughts and some resources which I can point people to or they can hopefully find through searching online as well.

I’m going to go a bit further and not only talk about what you need to do to get the job, but what I think you need to be successful in the Happiness Engineer role at Automattic. Please note that there are a lot of points here and you don’t have to be an expert in all of them to apply, but having a good understanding…

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Celebrating 2 years at Automattic

Today is a really cool day because it marks my 2 year anniversary at Automattic.

In many many ways… it still feels like I just started a few months ago. I still feel so new in that I’m always learning and have brilliant challenges ahead of me. In other ways, I feel like I’ve grown leaps and bounds knowledge-wise. Things that I always thought were way too hard to learn (I’m looking at you, domains!! lol), somehow are second nature now.

So I thought I’d throw myself a little GIF party and also take a moment to share 3 of my favorite stats.


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Master List: 26 Resources to find a Remote Job

I get asked all the time how to find remote work, here is a great master list of places to look

Simon Ouderkirk

This is definitely the top comment I’ve gotten from folks:

“Yeah, sure, it really seems great to work remotely, but how am I supposed to find a job like that?”


“There are so many companies, how do I know which ones are remote friendly?”


“But Simon, I want to work from home but I don’t know where to start!

Instead of commiserating and telling them my own story, I’m putting together a master list of every place you can find a remote job today. If I’ve missed a place, drop a comment below and I’ll update it.

I’m going to focus here on full time employment – if you’re interested in building a freelance or part time hustle, you probably already know about UpWork, etc.

Here we go.

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Celebrating 2 months at Automattic!

So it’s been a little over 2 months sine I’ve been working at Automattic.

I’ve been having a blast! I get to help some awesome users and work from some pretty cool places. I also got some shiny new toys to work with courtesy of Automattic. As a bonus I’ve already attended my first WordCamp as an Automattician and got to meet a few of my coworkers at WordCamp OC.

So I decided to put together a little photo collage of my first few months.

A few things I’ve learned:

  • Don’t ever forget your headphones when working at the coffee shop, you’ll regret it.
  • I now know the best parks to work from that have the best reception for my mobile hot spot or are close enough to my home’s wifi router that I still get signal.
  • Working at the pool is super fun and can make for a great swimming lunch break, but try and leave before 3pm to miss the loud kids who are out of school.
  • Sleepy puppies are a great distraction and stress reliever
  • The amount of packages you receive your first week is super fun
  • I have such an amazing supportive core  group of friends who helped me get to this point, and made sure I celebrated it.
  • Nothing beats a home made lunch
  • I have awesome co-workers who are super super smart but hilarious as well