About Me

Enjoying the Cascada Monumental in Barcelona, Spain

Hi friends! I’m Tish, welcome to my little corner of the Internet. It’s nice to virtually meet you *waves*

I’m a Latina that is addicted to Pinning Inspirational Quotes on Pinterest and Cute Puppies on Instagram.

I live in Southern California, in an area called Orange County. It’s right along the beautiful coast between Los Angeles and San Diego. An area that’s known for its delicious tacos and gorgeous beaches.

I’m a self-proclaimed nerd or as my friends like to refer to as an “Internet Ninja”, which basically means that I Google a lot and type really fast.

I work at one of the largest remote companies, called Automattic. I’m a Happiness Engineer working on supporting the users of WordPress.com. I love the work I do, the company I work for, and my coworkers that I work alongside remotely.

I’ve been using WordPress for 6 years now, and I’ve been working at Automattic as a Happiness Engineer since 2015. Before Automattic, I was an Interactive Project Manager, working at a marketing agency by managing all of the WordPress website design projects and social media campaigns.

I travel as often as I can because I’m determined to fill my life with adventures and not things.

Fun facts about me:

  • I’m addicted to WordPress, Pinterest, and GIFs.
  • I love to chat about Photoshop and graphically designing resumes, which is a hobby for me.
  • I write as often as I can manage about remote working and what it’s like being a Happiness Engineer at Automattic. If you have a specific question, let me know I’ll be happy to try and cover it in a future blog post.
  • As a Latina, I’m particularly passionate about Diversity and Inclusion in Tech.
  • I love to travel and consider travel hacking as another hobby
  • I’m a life-long learner, so I’m constantly in webinars, listening to Podcasts, taking a class, or watching ‘How to’ Youtube videos
  • I have a hard time writing an email or text without including an emoticon of a smiley face icon smile About Me Tish Briseno WordPress Expert Orange county
  • I’m a volunteer Bible Teacher in my community. I love teaching and chatting with people about how the Bible is relevant to our lives today
  • I currently live about a mile from Newport Beach & I go to the beach as often as possible.
5 replies to About Me
  1. Hey Tish!

    I stumbled across an opening of Happiness Engineer myself! I am REALLY stuck on the cover letter. I really want to be a Happiness Engineer, it’s like a hot day and you wanting that ice cream cone but straining to find one, then BAM it’s in your lap, like that bad. So any tips or any help at all would be great!


  2. Hello Tish,

    Comments were already closed for your “Automattic Journey” posts, so I thought I could comment here. 🙂 I just wanted to thank you for those posts, especially the first part and your “20 seconds insane courage.” I also applied for the HE post, finished my first assignment, and now faithfully waiting for the results. I kind of experienced the same as yours on sending my application – took me over a month to finally send it. 😀 Your blog is one of those I frequently visit to recharge my motivation and determination. God bless you. 🙂 🙂 – Rose

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  3. Hi Tish,
    I know it’s a couple of years since you wrote this blog, but I feel it is has relevant as it was back then.
    I am currently in the interviewing stage with Automattic for the same position (HE) and would love to hear any advice you nay have for me.
    LinkedIn: /asawot

    Thank you.

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