Life without email…

Before working at Automattic, I would’ve never thought such a thing was possible…

My last job relied heavily on email. It was a main form of communication… and for me it was my task list. If I needed to do something I’d “star” an email or keep it unread. I checked my email countless times a day. It was the first thing I did when I woke up and the last thing I did before I fell asleep.

Now… is a whole other story. I basically don’t use email anymore.

Sure I still have my personal email inboxes… which pretty much only get junk mail and I go through and delete the junk email a few times a week. (Although I really just need to start unsubscribing). But for me to send an email… it’s very very very rare nowadays.

My main form of communication in my personal life is either text messages or Snapchats.

My main form of communication with work is either Slack or p2s.

Email is no longer in either of those mixes. Which I honestly never expected to happen. I thought email would always be one of my main forms of communication.

Funny part is I can honestly say.. I don’t miss email one bit. I prefer Slack and p2s. They’re both just better indexed. I like being able to search and see any major conversation going on in the company. It’s no longer just in several peoples inboxes. All information is shared. It’s amazing and really productive.