My new favorite workspace and the Tale of how I fell in love with a Table

So for three months I’ve had my eye on this patio set.Yes, that’s right. THREE. I have insane self control (not really).

It was blue, would match the outdoor rug I bought months ago, and had this great concrete & tile top that I immediately knew I could spend hours outside working on.

I loved it so much, I would volunteer to go get groceries from the store just so I could go look at it again. So after three months when it finally went on sale and was the last one in stock, I had to get it (I really did, I would’ve been heart broken if someone else ended up with it).

Anyways… so I buy the table and didn’t think ahead enough of how to actually get it in my car. There are 2 boxes… one one of them fits (yay!) The second needs to be picked up in a truck (BOO!)….I don’t have a truck.

The next day I bribe my best friend to steal her sister’s truck and we go and pick it up from the store…. only we go to lift it… and it won’t budge. It’s HEAVY!!! While I was imagining how pretty the concrete table top was… it never hit me that it would weigh several hundred pounds. So literally we can’t even lift the box we just drag/slide it out of the store and somehow get it in the bed of the truck.

Once back at my house we need to figure out a way to get it out of the truck and into the house… the problem is since we can’t lift the box… no way we can get it past the stairs. So we drag it to the foot of the stairs and hope it won’t get stolen. I decided it should be okay cuz all the shady people in the neighborhood don’t look very strong so I doubt they’d be able to lift it. Thankfully I was right. My table was not stolen. Another crisis averted.

I then have to call my brother to see if he can help me get it inside and set up. You see, I have an awesome brother. On top of being really strong and handy he is also super kind. It also works in my favor that he can be bribed with pizza & beer. Basically my brother took it from there and single handedly (pretty much) sets up my new outdoor table.

So now this is my new favorite work space:

We set it up in the atrium which is my new favorite hangout space. All I need now is twinkly light for the nighttime. And who is that handsome smiling dog? That would be Buddy, my dog that sometimes comes over to visit. He’s awesome and super well trained, he does handshakes and twirls…. I adore him.

New Patio set and Buddy