I survived

The last 24 hours was probably one of the most stressful I’ve had in awhile.

I was given an assignment of a speech at the very last minute. I had a little over 24 hours to prepare my material and practice.

I used to do those all the time a few years ago…. and I liked it because it gave my introverted self a challenge. I actually became quite good at it. Since it’s been awhile, I was pretty rusty… so having to adjust to new material on such a short amount of time… it was a challenge to say the least. But I did it! And I did really well surprisingly. There were still things about it that I wish I would’ve had time to go back and change, because it wasn’t quite up to par. People tell me that I’m too hard on myself. That may be true, but that’s just how I work… I focus on what I can improve on so next time I can do it better and faster. I feel like if I were to go easy on myself I’d just be stuck in a mode of being “okay” but not better. I hope that makes sense.

Goal wise for this year…. things have changed. It’s something I’ve been thinking about for months. But I’m still processing it and where I want to go with my brand. More to come on that