Saying No

Something I’m working on is saying “no” in my life more. As a classic INFJ I find myself thinking it’s my duty to help everyone in every situation.

I read a wonderful blog post by Amber Rae that mentioned her formula for making decisions. She asks herself a set of questions and let’s the answers guide her in making a decision.

  • Will doing this make me feel more like myself?
  • Will doing it allow me to learn and grow and make progress?
  • Does the day-to-day of doing this light me up and tap into my natural strengths?
  • Am I willing to work through any challenge or obstacle that arises in the face of doing this?
  • Does doing this have the potential to move, touch and inspire others?
  • Do I feel in full alignment and integrity around doing this?

Some big changes are happening and while I couldn’t welcome them more, they scare me to death. But sometimes the best things scare you the most 🙂