WordPress Website Designer unplugged

I made this blog to write about my life outside of WordPress. But lately it seems like that’s all that’s on my mind. So I thought I’d kinda do a WordPress Website Designer unplugged type of post.

I launched a large website this week. Without a hitch. I’ve launched many websites before. But this was one of my biggest. I always try to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. But nothing broke… The move was seamless. And I just feel relieved and happy. I’ve come up with a new process and a large checklist. The biggest key to success to testing testing testing. Testing different browsers, double checking plugins installed, etc. its an extremely time consuming process… But entirely worth it in the end.

While launching a website is usually the end of the project for me… It really is just the beginning of the project for a client. With maintenance, blogging, etc. I feel like it’s just starting the journey for them. I’ve been thinking of creating new packages for clients… As this is something I would like to be more involved in. Fitting the website into their overall strategies and goals. Breaking up goals into an action plan, and following up with the implementation on the action pan. Helping them decide where best to invest marketing dollars in the online world. It all just seems so big, and something I’d really like to help clients with more.

The biggest thing on my to do list is redesigning my own website. It just doesn’t seem to fit me or my brand anymore. But creatively… I just feel like I’m using all of my creative ideas on client projects and by the time I get to the weekend- I have none left for me. So… I’d really like to take a step back soon and work on my own website. Since I feel like I’ve been wanting to blog on my website, but I have a hard time looking at it… Since it just doesn’t feel like me. Which ends up in me not writing at all.

Another goal is getting more involved in the WordPress community. I live in Orange County, so there is the OC Meetup which has such an amazing community… But I think I’ve just been too shy to break into it or regularly attend meetups. I’m kinda hit or miss at best with my attendance. So I really want to improve on that.

Since a goal without a plan is just a wish.. How I plan on implementing these goals is: that February first I’m gonna start designs for my website. To launch by the end of February. As for attending WordPress meetups… I’m adding them into my calendar with alerts for a week- and a day beforehand to make sure I carve out the time to attend.

To hold myself accountable… I have to write about my progress in my following blog posts. Here’s to getting off to s good start.