It’s the little things

I was thinking about it today and I can honestly say the thing that I love most about my job is helping clients. At the marketing agency I work at… I’m known at the go to person for training & supporting clients.

I love that I have a good rapport with clients. Where if they have any questions or concerns- I’m the first one they email because they know they’ll get a quick reply and answer.

I love when they come to me with questions or issues. It’s like a little puzzle that I get to solve. I feel like each time, I walk away knowing more and getting better at fixing issues.

To me… that’s a big accomplishment. I love that I can help them, make their day a little easier, and technology a little more attainable. It just feels good to be in a position to do that. I wish more of my job encompassed that. While I love the design and project management side of the project… I get the most joy out of the support.