The start of something new

I’ve been blogging ever since I was 14. Mostly in little corners of the internet that I’ve pretty much all forgotten about since that was 10+ years ago. I used to dream of growing up to be a writer. I guess I grew up to be the next best thing since part of my job includes ghost blogging for several clients and occasionally blogging for myself professionally.

The other day I just had this itch to write…. but then realized that I had no where to really write about it. My website and blog… I use specifically to educate others about website design and WordPress. And the blogs I feel the need to write… really have nothing to do with either of those topics. So I decided that it was time for an official personal blog… which is why this little guy was born.

You see… a few months ago I lost my only Grand Parent to death. We were really close, so it’s been a huge blow. There were days that I couldn’t stop crying. What I took away from that whole situation was that you just keep swimming.

But since that… I’ve come back to my day to day life with a new perspective. I’ve always felt the need to bring kindness to the world, but now that need has gotten stronger. Focusing on others and being helpful gets my mind off of me and my problems. And I just needed a place to write about all of this.

Over the past few months I’ve made it my goal to do at least once a day go out of my way to help someone else. I’ve had the opportunity to write thank you cards for no reason to people I admire in my life. Sometimes I bring a friend flowers. Buy a homeless person lunch. Today while I was shopping at Target for new headphones… I helped a Grandma pick out a tablet. Nothing big. But just my little way of sprinkling kindness into this world.

I’m hoping this blog will not only help me write about memories of my grandma & childhood… but help me to keep sprinkling kindness around.